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Jetta Clearwater
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: Jetta Clearwater

Date of Birth: 31/9/1995

Sex: Female

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Style: long wavy

Eye Color: blue brown

Skin Tone: Pale

Nationalities: Irish

Birthplace: Irland

Languages: Englidh French and Spannish

Talents: Acting/ singing(performing) Horse riding (sports), Cooking, Drawing, Making clothes, good with kids and animals

Pets: a dog called aniou
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: How I Roll-Karetus
  • Reading: Rea Wilder saga-Summon (still on it XD)
  • Watching: Fairy Tale
Tagged by: :iconwinter-candy:


[ ] You have had a very traumatic childhood. 
[/] You have a dark personality.(When I'm ticked off or don't like you)
[ ] You have/had no friends. 
[ ] You only have one true love/friend. 
[X] You're demeanor changes significantly when around or think about the one you love.
[X] You have a lot of regrets. ( Alot of them involve my ex )
[ ] You have a lot of inner conflict with yourself.
[ ] You have been isolated for a long period of time. 
[ ] You have a lot of enemies/made a lot of enemies along the way.
[ ] You have a deep hatred/grudge for people in general.
[/] You have long hair. (Getting there)
[ ] Despite your dark persona and painful life, deep down you have a shy and kind personality.
[X] You've once had your own pet. (Still do )

Total: 4/13

[X] You have a lot of friends. ( Most of them I wonder why they put up with my twisted and crazy mind)
[ ] You are very oblivious and clueless.
[/] You tend to say a peculiar word a lot, like desu, nya, nyu ect. 
[X] You do whatever you can to make someone happy.
[ ] You are very innocent. 
[ ] You like to get naked. ( Umm define like?)
[/] You are very dependent on people for necessities, like food and shelter. 
[ ] You have enemies that you don't even know.
[ ] You tend to get yourself into difficult and scary situations without trying.
[X] You love to explore/wander off.
[/] You've cut your own hair.(Just a couple of split ends)
[ ] You have had a head injury. 
[X] Despite being clueless, you have a great sense of right and wrong. 

Total: 5/13

[ ] You have been through a lot of torment.
[X] You're happy and bright.
[X] You are extremely loyal. (I like to think I am)
[X] You have a child-like personality. (HAHAHA Yep)
[ ] You refer to yourself in the third person.
[X] You love your Papa (or parents) more than anything. ( With all my heart )
[X] You can be aggressive or scary when heavily provoked. ( Oh you don't want to do that)
[/] You've had a lot of injuries.
[X] You wear a ribbon or another accessory that has sentimental value.
[ ] You have little to no knowledge of the real world.
[ ] You have had no friends until recently.
[ ] You put yourself in danger for the sake of a loved one.
[X] You get very excited over food. (Your talking to a hormonal teenage girl here)

Total: 7.5/13

[ ] You have been isolated most of your life.
[ ] You never knew/know your parent(s).
[ ] A lot of people are terrified of you.
[/] You are sweet on the outside, but violent and/or crazy on the inside.
[X] You can switch moods/personalities in a matter of seconds. (Most of us can)
[ ] You are very cute, young, or Lolita.
[X] Despite your age, you are very intelligent. (People say I am)
[/] You hate it/get very jealous when you see other people have something that you feel you should have. ( Sometimes we all do)
[X] People would never guess that you are violent/aggressive/dark/crazy by your looks. (Pretty sure they wouldn't)
[X] You find violence/gore entertaining /or/ violence/gore doesn't phase you. (Smetimes)
[X] You want to be loved.
[/] When angered, you are uncontrollable.
[X] The thing you want/value most in the world is a happy family.
[X] You dream/hope for a bright and happy future.

Total: 8.5/13

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